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Its official! I’m a wizard! :) #HARRYPOTTER #diy #hogwarts #selfmade

Its official! I’m a wizard! :) #HARRYPOTTER #diy #hogwarts #selfmade

Prim and Proper x DIY collar

Top: Bayo Skirt: Cutout Accessories: DIY Collar Watch: DKNY 

Another blue and white look I came up with! ;) I’m used to blue and whites because I realized, it makes me look young. Besides, I can wear it anytime! Either on a rainy season or during summer!

The skirt I wore actually has a length up to my knees and has some ruffles and small details. What I didn;t like about it was the shape. I cut it to make it as bodycon skirt. :)

Finally got the chance to use my self-made collar! :) I was so happy when I saw that it matched perfectly with my Bayo top.

A closer look to my DKNY watch. I’m a sucker for watches with diamonds around it. I swear! I’m starting to collect different brands of it for quite sometime now. I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of them on my succeeding outfit posts. This one I was wearing was one of the gifts I got on my US trip with my mom. We bought it at Florida, and when I arrived here and started my normal life of mall-hopping I checked for it and was surprised with the price. We saved 5K php for buying that in FL! Shopping there in Florida feels so much like heaven to shopaholics! 

Hope you liked my look! :)
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DIY Project 3

Inspiration: Zebras, baked clay accessories

Black and White Bangles

Yey! I made these bangles! I always have a hard time looking for white accessories in my Kikay box so I always end up having no accessory at all when wearing white.

Whenever I visualize white in my mind, I always think about Zebras. Yes, weird. But hello? Its related right? Zebra is either black or white or black and white!=)) lol.

Since I entered college, I started having a thing for black and white prints specifically zebras. I even planned to have a black and white party for my debut back then. But it never happened because I didn;t have a debut party. haha.

The absence of whites in my accessory box gave me the idea to MAKE one instead of BUYING. So, say hello to my third DIY project! :)

Here’s what You’ll need: Black and White clay, Bond Paper

Warning: you need a lot of patience, power and strength in doing this! =))

Mold the clay to make strand of clay like this. How? Get a piece of clay, flatten it on a bond paper then roll it using your hands. Remember the thing the bakers do with bread? the ones we see on tv commercials? It’s as simple as rolling a mixture of flour in a rolling pan :D

Twist the black in the white strand.

Roll it in a white-clean bond paper using your hands. It should be 'clean' because you’re working on a white clay. Next, Roll the twisted clays until the black looks as if it was pasted on the white.

Join both ends! and tadaaa!

The lock I made was not necessary, I just made it to look like a real bangle. You can simply mold both ends for the ends to stick together.

Of course, its not yet ready for use. Let it stand overnight or days before using. Or better if you’re using a polymer clay, bake it in an oven! Mine was an ordinary modeling clay, so I had no choice but to have it air-dried. If baked, it will just melt.  It should be hard as the real bangles we girls use. 

Since I enjoyed doing it, I made another two in different style!

This time, I rolled it over and over again to achieve this design. After the zebra design, I crumpled(I couldn’t think of a better word for that.sorry!) and flatten it on the surface then roll it on the paper. I made those same steps over and over again for the desired mix of black and white clays! 


[You may search the internet for better instructions on how to make a baked-clay bangles or accessories]

In the end, my hands/palms were aching! It hurts a lot. Ha! Too much enjoyment! =)) Please tell me what you think about it by posting a comment. Thank you!

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DIY Project 2

Inspiration: Fashion bloggers / It girls of Manila

Camille Co, Tricia Gosingtian and Kryz Uy

From cocktails, to  dresses, to a striped tee and shorts.. Detachable collars are today’s  perfect accessory to brighten up any look whether it is formal, casual, preppy or whatever style you want!

I first spotted collars on tricia’s blog a long time ago. At first, I thought its weird to wear something like that. But when she and the other bloggers came up with different styles, prints and colors, I thought, ‘whoa, how creative!’. 

Designers & entrepreneurs today are becoming more and more creative as time goes by. They don’t settle to things of the past, things that are already existing. They continue to learn and discover new things. Who would’ve thought that these collars will trend so much and will have a big impact to the world of Fashion?

So many fashionistas are going crazy for this new accessory. Many online shops in town are selling these collars in different styles, prints and colors ranging from 280-600 php! Clearly, the trend is going viral.

Meanwhile as for me, I reminded myself the golden DIY rule .. Why buy it when you can make it?  So its time for my second DIY project! 

Its just easy and cheap with its 3-step procedure. (you’ll be surprised with how much I spent on this project)

Materials : Old button down shirt/polo, scissors, glue, needle, sequins

Find an old button down shirt. Your kuya’s or your dad’s. Or in my case, I bought a cheaper one in a thrift store/ukay-ukay.

Cut the collar of the shirt. Make sure to make a ‘clean’ cut and careful not to cut the stitches or else, you’ll ruin the collar. It will be better if someone’s helping you out while cutting the collar. Your ‘helper’ should hold the other bottom part of the shirt and support the other end of the collar. Don’t forget to use appropriate scissors (for fabric only).

Now you have your own detachable collar! This step may be your end point, but as for me..  I decided to glam it up with sequins!

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 My DIY collar! :-) does it look nice? I will post the story behind this tmrw <3 :)

 My DIY collar! :-) does it look nice? I will post the story behind this tmrw <3 :)

Posted 2 years ago

DIY Project 1

Inspiration : ANTM British Invasion

Am I not the only one who’ve seen shirts like these on the market? I guess before the latest season of ANTM, UK & US prints were already a trending fashion among the teens. I’ve seen so many kinds of shirts with prints like these in different styles/shapes. Seeing it in one of the best fashion tv show, inspired me to have / make my own printed shirt…

So for the love of blogging, I decided ‘it' to be my first DIY Project to delight my readers! Heee :>

Materials :  sleeveless shirt sando, pencil, paint, scissors, newspapers,

First sketch your design, then paint using a fabric paint. Remember to place a newspaper under your shirt! You may ruin it by putting traces of paint on the other side!

The paint that I used here was not really a fabric paint! Luckily, it turned out just fine with cloth! :)

More painting… and..

and taaadaa! Let it dry before wearing! You wouldn’t want to wear a scent of paint, would you? 

(kuddos to my boyfriend for helping me on this DIY and for taking the photos!) 

It took so long before I finally publish this DIY post because I made some alterations on the shirt.. Check out the official final product! : )

Cut and Sew!

I used the scissors to form a big and deep on the neckline and look, I also made it shorter!

Like it? : ) Make your own too and try the US print on your shirt!

Posted 2 years ago