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Giveaway alert : thesabrinablog x STH SRTRL

South Sartorial will soon announce the winner! Have you liked their page yet? Winners will be chosen randomly among those people who liked their page, tonight! 

Thanks again for those who participated! I hope one of my followers win! :)


Giveaway alert : thesabrinablog x STH SRTRL

South Sartiorial is a prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear) line intended to market its pieces as alternative to existing clothing lines, and differentiate itself by exclusiveness, quality and reasonable price points.
(Spotted:Top bloggers wearing STH SRTRL)

To delight their stylish and most awesome facebook fans, they’re giving away (3) three P500 worth of e-gift certificate!  

Here’s the easy peasy mechanics on how to join:

Part 1 Follow us!

  1. Like South Sartorial’s Facebook page - here
  2. Follow South Sartorial on twitter - here 
  3. Follow my blog on tumblr or Bloglovin or Bloggers

Part 2 Share!

  1. Post this on your Facebook wall, “Join @South Sartorial x thesabrinablog.tumblr.com giveaway! Get a chance to win P500 worth of gift certificate! @friend1 @friend2 @friend3 ” (Make sure to tag South sartorial, and at least 3 friends)
  2. Tweet about the giveaway, “Win a GC from @Southsartorial! Details on http://thesabrinablog.tumblr.com @friend1 @friend2 @friend3 #Morelikesforsouthsartorial”  (2 or three friends will do. Or you can tweet it multiple times to tag more friends)


  1. Please set your posts (facebook + twitter) on public so that STH SRTRL can view your tweet and your entry will not be void. 
  2. Comment on this post (below) with your name, Links of your posts(facebook+twitter)

tadaaa! that’s it. Follow these easy steps and you’re near to a fun shopping reward on south sartorial! Get a chance to grab your favorite blogger’s top picks too!

Winners will be announced on the launch date of their website this September(date TBD). Go girls! Share it now!

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Latest shop feature! →

Get the accessories worn by your favorite blogger. Grab them now at https://www.facebook.com/tinydanceraccessories

teaser photo.

Like Hi-fashion Avenue for more awesome accessories in store for YOU! :)

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Teaser photo for my next outfit post that I’ll be posting - hopefully soon/this week! Thanks again, Hi-fashion Avenue for the accessories!

Teaser photo for my next outfit post that I’ll be posting - hopefully soon/this week! Thanks again, Hi-fashion Avenue for the accessories!

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Online shopping 2

Hi-Fashion Avenue

Who loves fashion? Raise your hands!
Me? I would definitely raise my two hands including my feet! Ha-ha! This post will definitely enhance your taste for fashion and of course, your shopping experience!

Let’s start, shall we? hm, wonder why its my only second time to promote an online shop? Its because I make sure the shops im going to share are chic and has good quality products and services. Plus points for shops who have very nice owners..

Luckily, I found this shop owned by a very bubbly and friendly, Gail(Eych). I liked her from the very first time I talked to her. She was so kind to attend the needs of her clients and she finds time to reply on her clients’ messages!

The shop aims to be the best hang out store to cater the needs of every stylista. Think of every item under the sun, they ALL have it! - in a fashionable way! It’s the most convenient way of shopping items for your closet, really! It offers a wide variety of items from earrings, rings, bangles, dresses, pants to iPhone cases to wigs and contact lenses! and some Kawaii items! (Hurry! check out their page!)

Here are some of the items I personally like to have and would like you to have!

The dress

Don’t you just love the colors of this dress? It’ll surely enhance your Miss prim and proper personality. Its not like the dress that are too showy or too fuzzy to let the people know that you have good taste in fashion. I personally liked this and marked as my favorite item of the shop’s collection of dresses. Go check them out if they have in your favorite colors too! (Hi-Fashion Avenue)

Yey! Another colored trousers present on my post today! Since the first time I saw this type of pants on Camille Co’s blog, I swear to myself, I should have this soon! So do you!

Test your mix and match skills by pairing it with these Raawwrr tops!
What are waiting for?Place your order now! (Hi-Fashion Avenue)

Cool connector ring right? Its very elegant at a very affordable price! The good thing about this shop is they have items that are really affordable and worth the price! Perfect for budget savy girls in town! (Hi-Fashion Avenue)


Ahhh! So lucky I got the bangle similar to this. Its a sweet and edgy style in one! So like me! I tend to combine sweet and edgy look often.. for some reasons that cant be explained. Ha-ha! So don’t waste a second and purchase this now! Its a trendy combination of black and white pearls! (Hi-fashion Avenue)

Make a statement! This bangles will definitely define your personality- in a stylish way!


Looking for trendy necklaces? Here’s the one for you!! Go browse for more awesome necklaces here on Hi-fashion Avenue !

(+ plus points for those who will reblog/share my url/tweet this post +follow me + like their page! - Gail is more than ready to attend your needs now! My followers are her priority, go!)

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Online shopping

Check out this shop, HiFashionAvenue for stylish-awesome finds! :)
Will blog about this online shop soon! Enjoy shopping!! 

Online Shopping

La Reine Clothing


Noticed something strange on my post? Yes, there is something I’m up to! Something you’ll be interested about…
For today, I’ll be talking about the newest online shop in town!

La Reine (n) French for “The Queen” - Someone personified as a woman who is considered the best or most important of her kind.

La Reine is not like your ordinary online clothing store. It tries its best to provide clients with the trendiest and high-quality clothes that anyone can afford.
From the name itself, it’ll provide you with pieces and services that will fit for a queen. It will definitely make your inner-queen self shine!

Brace yourselves ladies! You may be crazy inlove with the pieces I’m about to show you!


Don’t you just love that skirt? Its so feminine and dainty! Its perfect for this summer because the garment is so soft and comfy. Talk about giving yourself a treat! Forget the jeans and switch to scallop skirts! Buy the turqouise top too because turquoise and pink definitely goes together! (Buy it now! @LaReine)

Mustard. It will always be my favorite shade of yellow. It makes your skin glow and look fairer! You can never go wrong with this top. Pair it with other pastels and you’re good to go! (Buy it now! @LaReine)

Detachable Collars? Nope, you’re wrong if you’re thinking this one is a detachable collar. Its actually attached to the Melissa top. Awesome right? Forget the uneasiness detachable collars give you and go for this top to still achieve that fashion-blogger-sporting-detachable-collar look. (Buy it now! @LaReine)

Speaking of collars, this one is too cute to ignore. Look at the details on the collars! This top surely gives you a sweet and young vibe because of the pearls and scallop collars. For the stylistas who always go for a sweet look, this is a must-have! (Buy it now! @LaReine)

Loud Colors

Meet your friends or attend a party with this look and you’re sure to have fun! This is totally for the Let’s-party slash good-girl type of girls! Loud red + polka dot mix, so lovely! (Buy it now! @LaReine)

Who never had trousers? You’re lucky! Because this trousers are waiting to be your first! Its loud color orange, will surely make any simple outfit look trendy and fab! You don’t even have to worry about excessorizing! Whats not to like?
(Buy it now! @LaReine)

Black and Navy

Lace lace lace! Lace will forever be a must-have on every girls closet. Lace pieces are pretty and feminine. With it, you can achieve different looks like vintage-y, sweet, young, dainty, or even edgy/fierce. Just know the appropriate bottoms to pair it with. You can also wear it by day or by night. It practically goes with everything and on every occasion! (Buy it now! @LaReine)

Meanwhile Denim polos will never be outdated for fashion! Its a perfect piece when you’re lazy to dress up! Just pair with shorts/skirt/jeans and you’re good to go! Just look at the details of the Polo! Isn’t it lovely? (Buy it now! @LaReine)


I’m sure most of us are trying to beat the summer heat with wearing skirts/shorts these days. With this shorts from La Reine, you’ll totally stand out! Just look at the design, its so unique and very cute! (Buy it now! @LaReine)

That’s it ladies! Some of my favorite pieces from La Reine. I don’t know if some were already sold or not, but the good thing about this store is they have stocks in different colors! There’s more to like on their site.

Check it out now at facebook.com/LaReineClothing and share it on your blog!

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