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Necklace by Tiny Dancer Accessories. Like their page now and see for more statement pieces that spice up any simple outfit! :) Happy shopping!

Necklace by Tiny Dancer Accessories. Like their page now and see for more statement pieces that spice up any simple outfit! :) Happy shopping!

Posted 2 years ago

Ahhh! I want to steal these posters and paste it on my room! Liam is too handsome and too hot to ignore. Always reminds me of the sweetness of Gale in Hunger Games and his Last Song moments with Miley. Let’s pray, bench/ will bring him here to his Pinay/Pinoy fans!!

This is definitely one of the best billboards in Guadalupe area! I’m lovin’ it! I hope it’ll last for a long time!! I will never get tired of staring/looking at him. yay!

sorry for the total random post! =)) #takenwithN900

Posted 2 years ago

I’m Shoe in love!

Get ready ladies for these wonderful,stylish shoes I’m about to share! :)

From ballet flats to strappy sandals to stilettos to heel-less shoes! Ahhh! Can’t mention everything inside NBC tent! I really felt that this is the most anticipated event of the season! I went crazy!! I arrived really really early that I was the first person in line at 10 am.. guess what? Bought a pair at almost 12noon! Ha-ha! Yeah, I’m the worst shopper as my boyfriend always call me. Whenever I shop for shoes, I can spend more than an hour! :) I consider myself a shoe-aholic more than a bag-aholic. Just because Good shoes take you to good places! :>

Going back, after I had my first purchase.. my mom texted me saying she’ll check out some shoes for my brother too. Yes, it has shoes for the guys too! Cool right? I waited for her for a couple of minutes. (that “couple” of minutes was spent taking pictures for this post)

Check out the list of brands from the event-here

In the end, we purchased 5 pairs of shoes. Yay! I always love the feeling of holding so many shopping bags while walking! I feel like Blair Waldorf! haha. I hope girls out there enjoyed I’m shoe in love just like me! :)

(will post later the photos of the shoes I bought)

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Go Green

Photo Diary: Pharmacognosy-Medicinal Plants

Showering my blog with some Pharmacy love! :) Can you tell which plant is which? More photos stored here, its just a sneak-peek of the plants that I need to be familiar with. Gaah! I hate tree-planting projects back in elementary. I suck at taking care of plants. Definitely not my thing. </3 But I hope this sem, these babies will be good to me.

My Baby “G”.

If you’re good at this (unlike me, who admits that Im not good in naming plants)..
you can guess the real name / tagalog name of my baby in no time. But if not, for example my boyfriend.. You’ll think I named it because of his surname. hahahaha. 

My BSP3A friends! :) Say hello! Haha. I told them to post for a stolen shot and this is what they gave me. Thats how awesome my friends are. lol! =))

That’s all for tonight! 

//blogging with my Nokia.

Photos taken with my Nokia.

Posted 2 years ago

Kim’s Birthday Celebration

One of the few backlog posts I have. This was last June 01.

Here she is! The birthday girl! :) Yes, its 19 not 16. She’s really older than me but she looks so young because she always smile and has a very pleasing attitude. I guess young at heart counts too!

With the whole gang. We happen to be in the same hospital for this summer’s internship. For 25 days, we stick together. Lunchbreaks at our place, foodtrip after internship and this! We became so much closer and stronger for those days.
Yay! See you on wednesday girls!

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Call It Spring

Photodiary : The autograph

Camille Co

Laureen Uy

Kryz Uy

Vern Enciso

Patricia Prieto

The signs I got from them! My personal favorite was Vern’s message! "Never forget to follow your dreams" so simple yet meaningful.

The most memorable person, was Laureen. She’s so funny! I want to keep her. haha, joke. She’s left handed and has a very cute penmanship. She’s the third one I approached. Strange, my pen didn’t function well on her hands. I ran out of ink! So embarassing. She had to borrow a pen from the salesman. 

Laureen: Ay, walang ink. (sad cute face)

Me: Really? shocks. sorry!

Laureen: Okay lang. San na ba si *staff*? Haha. Close kami nun e. haha.

Then the salesman arrived with a pen! after she finished writing, I said sorry again.. she answered me with, Ano ka ba, okay lang noh! She noticed my glitter-covered notebook and told me to check out the shoes with the glitters/sparkly stuff. So awesomesauce! That moment when you had the chance to chat with THE Laureen Uy.

Laureen Uy encounter part 2..

When it was Kryz’s turn to sign on my sparkly notebook.. the first thing she said was, “Wow I love your notebook!" She was wearing a sparkly outfit too! and wore a sparkly dress at CSAwards, she obviously has a thing for everything sparkly.

She asked my name then LAUREEN UY answered with “Sabrina" then Patricia blurted out, "Yeah Sabrina name niya. I love her name nga e" I was giddy and shy and so happy and blushing that time that I just can’t even….. 

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Call it Spring

Photo Diary : The store

/wrist. I didn’t buy any pair of CIS shoes.

Mom was not with me, pretty much a good reason why I didn’t buy.
Sino bang may pera kapag summer? :)) But this event introduced me to a lot of fab heels and encouraged me to buy! If ever I have money that night, I willl be tempted to buy in less than 10 minutes! Just look at those photos?

asfdfhglkl. tick tock tick tock. Starting to count the days before my purchase of CIS heels.. tick tock tick tock! lol. =))

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Third DIY Project! Here. :)

Third DIY Project! Here. :)

Posted 2 years ago