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Pretty Little Liars: The Kahn Game

Can’t stop drooling over Lucy Hale’s top in this episode! Do you love her as much as I do? Its pretty obvious that Aria’s sense of fashion is my favorite among the girls. But in terms of character, I love Spencer. :)

On another note, Fifty shades of Grey.. I don’t think she’s suited for Ana Steele, in my own opinion. (Emphasis on the word, ‘opinion’) She’s too young and innocent for the role. I think her wholesome reputation will be ruined if she’ll accept the part. Just like what happened to Anne Hathaway of Princess Diaries when she appeared in Brokeback Mountain.  I don’t want that to happen to her!

Hmm, I would prefer Ashley Greene and Matt Bomer! asdfghjkl, Matt Bomer is perfect! 

Posted 2 years ago

Pretty Little Liars: Stolen Kiss

Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale)

Third season, 8th Episode. I was so amazed with Aria’s outfits for this episode. Everything is so updated! The trends we see on lookbook is coming to life! This show is making me more hooked and interested with every bit of episode!

For this post, Aria caught my eye in every outfit that she wore. Like, really. 

Printed Peplum dress. I was really surprised seeing her wear this kind of dress. It worked on her! Though, she’s actually petite, she carried the dress so well! Did I mention, peplums accentuate your waists? Look how sexy she became wearing this dress!

Peter Pan collar top. I can clearly remember the day it became the top-seller on various online shops and the day it was trending on lookbook, now made its way to television! The magic worked on Lucy Hale’s face. Plus, its not just an ordinary peter pan collar, the studs are so stunning!

This white cut out dress which I believe I saw last time on Camille Co’s and Laureen Uy’s blog looks so dainty with Lucy Hale! It showed off her little girl side again. And, congrats to her for choosing an appropriate dress on to a meeting with a mother of her boyfriend. Its so decent and neat. Really a perfect choice! Just like her, I would undoubtedly ask Spencer for fashion advice in times like this. Wouldn’t you? Or would you rather take Emily’s tip on wearing a Hello Kitty t-shirt? lol.

Kudos to the stylist of Aria! I am forever amazed with his/her talent in styling. 

Posted 2 years ago

Pretty Little Liars 3.03

Kingdom Of The Blind

The suspension of classes gave me the chance to catch up with the latest episodes on Pretty Little Liars 3! They just aired episode 7, but I want to talk about the third episode for now.. :)

For the third season, the girls are still on for finding answers. What’s new? Nothing.   The identity of  ’A’ still remains a mystery. But there’s an improvement for every season, yes? The most obvious improvement, the girls’ sense of style.

For now, Lets feature the girls who never fail to catch my sight every episode, Hanna and Aria. 

Here’s my take on the third episode of Pretty Little Liars season three.

Aria (Lucy Hale) wearing striped mullet skirt.

She paired the striped skirt with a printed tee! How brilliant! Aria has been consistent with her trendy-semi-edgy style since the first season. Her style is simply amazing! She’s that petite girl in the group, but there were a lot of times that she really stands out from the crowd! 

Hanna (Ashley Benson). Her style is always about looking classy and chic every single episode. Really perfect for the character. She’s this girl who cares about the way she looks more than anything. Always stylish, always fashionable! That’s why I cannot not love her! 

Look how she styled her blue top and skirt here! She styled it so well by wearing red accessories to pay attention to the details on the skirt. 

That’s what I usually do when wearing pieces with prints to make it instantly gorg! :) This show opens me to the big world of Fashion every time. It allows me to try out new things once in a while. Plus, the show seems updated to fashion so its a like a fashion source for me on whats trending!

( Second PLL post, first one here )

Posted 2 years ago

Pretty Little Liars

School is back! And so does my favorite tv show..

Pretty little liars is back for its most-awaited third season! wohoo! I’ve been too excited for this since the day the season finale was aired.

I just watched its first episode for season 3 last night and catched the replay this morning. I was so happy that I’m making this entry as my latest review! Yey!

I want to start this by saying, I love every bit of transformation among the girls! From the hair to clothes to shoes to personality! I saw the changes in their way of handling things that messed up. Spencer? She’s braver and smarter now! (She’s my fave liar, btw) Aria and Hanna with the new hair? Love it!! Emily? New look and an upgrade for fashion! As for the PLL boys… well… very much hotter than the previous seasons, I swear! It gave a hard time to think who among them should I choose to be my favorite!

On another note.. the story wouldn’t be such a thrill without suspense and secrets. it made me jump, skip a heartbeat and sort of mini-heart attack with the twist and turns! This is another episode that will surely change your mind on who you think is A.

Another thing I love on this episode is that they continue the bond Toby and Emily shared. I love the thought of them being together as friends. :) The whole show is mainly about friendships.. Either destroyed or made even stronger. I admire Hanna being so concerned with Mona aka A after all the things that happened. Can you do that to your ex-bestfriend who tried to kill you?

Secrets. This show will not be complete without secrets. The girls are starting to keep some dirty secrets again from their families, their boyfriend and.. from each other.

Ahhh! Need I say more? This post will be the longest ever if I continue to write everything about it. Just let me know what you think by using Disqus comments! :) 

Posted 2 years ago